Candidate for the position of Students' Union Officer



"Leadership That Listens, Representation That Matters!"

Hello, I'm Ayla Hamzayeva, your candidate for Students' Union officer. With a passion for unity and progress, I'm dedicated to amplifying your voices and addressing your concerns. Through transparent communication and proactive initiatives, let's shape a campus that reflects our collective aspirations. Vote Ayla for a student-centered future!
Cost of Living Crisis
My solution for the cost of living crisis is straightforward: negotiate and expand partnerships with local businesses to provide exclusive discounts for students on essential items. By collaborating with the community, we can alleviate financial burdens, making university life more affordable.
Education and Academic Priorities
Vote for me, and I'll champion student-driven curriculum development, integrating advanced technology for dynamic learning. Transparent communication, open forums, and expanded support services will redefine our academic experience. Together, let's shape a university where every student thrives.
Mental Health, Wellbeing and Student Support
Your vote empowers me to prioritize mental health and well-being. I'll enhance student support services, introduce mental health awareness campaigns, and establish a culture of understanding. Together, we'll create a university where every student feels supported and valued.

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