Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, Bayes Business School



"Inspire Unity, Ignite Progress."

Hello, I'm Bhavika Agarwal, an undergraduate at Bayes Business School. Thrilled to run for assembly member, I'm passionate about fostering community, enhancing well-being, promoting inclusivity, and creating a positive academic environment. I'm dedicated to representing and serving the interests of our student body through open communication.
Education and Academic Priorities
As an assembly member, I'll advocate for student voices, promote engaging lectures, ensure accessible resources, and advance a student-centric curriculum—ensuring an enriching, evolving educational experience for all.
Careers and Employability
Empowering futures, I aspire to reshape career trajectories. Envision vibrant networking events, immersive internships, and tailored skills initiatives. Together, let's sculpt a university experience that propels each student toward a triumphant journey beyond academia.
Cost of Living Crisis
Revolutionizing the student experience means personalized discounts, innovative housing solutions, and increased financial aid. I will reshape university life, ensuring every student thrives without financial obstacles.

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