Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Communicaiton and Creativity

Jack Croft

Time for Reform!

Hello there, my name is Jack Croft and I’m standing for the Assembly. I have been involved in politics since 2019 am a member of both the Conservative Party. Many do not like the Conservatives however political diversity is essential on a Student Union body. I am currently the President of the Erasmus Students Network Society.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion & Liberation
My first priority is extremely important to me. It is important that people do not feel scared to voice their opinions, for fear of being persecuted for not following the crowd, which can be seen through the alarming rise in antisemitism over the last few months.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
Student communities are essential to a students time at University. I, myself, a member of five different societies which have allowed me to meet new people and network. Societies with small membership are not able to perform properly, and I believe the SU should step in to help.
Careers and Employability
One of the biggest concerns facing many students is what to do when they graduate. It is important that we are set up with the appropriate skills to increase our employability. Given how expensive London is to live in, it is important to be receiving an income ASAP.

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