Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Health and Psychological Sciences



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Hello everyone my name is Rajiv Dhanasar, and I am a BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing student currently studying at City University, of London. I chose to study in the Mental Health Field as a rewarding profession with exceptional job stability and career progression and upholds my value of caring for individuals and focuses on holistic care.
Mental Health, Wellbeing and Student Support
Mental Health of all students is my main priority. We don't want students to be depressed or anxious when it comes to a situation in/out of the university. we must ensure that we are giving them maximum care, compassion and are fully committed to supporting them through succeeding at university
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion & Liberation
Everyone at University should be approached equally when it comes to receiving or advancing to opportunities, materials and events that will support their CV when applying for a future job. No one should be left out because of what qualifications they have beforehand or what age group they belong to
Careers and Employability
After we complete our degree, we can improve on what sort of opportunities or careers will be offered to us at the end, what are the key factors that can enable us to be employed in healthcare. If we get more knowledge on this it will greatly help anyone who is struggling to choose their future.

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