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Fortune Sampson

Fantastic Fortunes for a Fascinating City

-Increased of maintenance loan by reason of the current economic realities

- Affordable and conducive students' accommodation

-Increased Academic Support

- Better students' transportation fare discount scheme

- wages ( or reduced hours) for nursing students on placement

- working hours extension for international students

- Increased Access to academic, health and social support services

- More funding for the Higher education sector e.g increased paid research opportunities

-Enhanced quality and accessibility of educational opportunities for all regardless of background, identify or circumstance.

- Promotion of a diverse students' culture with more events, activities and initiatives that supports students' creativity, talents and wellbeing

-Employability: inculcation of transferable skills, creation of employment opportunities and funding for enterprises

-Advocacy for social justice on at local and national levels

- Increased mental wellbeing and support by ensuring that higher education is framed in a manner that eliminates all elements of frustrations, sadness, hopelessness, depression and loss of pleasure. Classroom learning and university support services should be synchronized seamlessly in a student-centred manner.

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