Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, City Law School



law without flaw

As a previous member of the National Youth Assembly Pakistan, where I promoted the expansion of students' rights, I bring experience from my home country of Pakistan. I am dedicated to bringing about positive change and have a strong interest for law in addition to serving our school community.
Mental Health, Wellbeing and Student Support
I will push for the improvement and growth of student support services, such as career counselling, academic advising, and mental health resources. In order to find and close any gaps in student support services, I will work with stakeholders to find solutions.
Education and Academic Priorities
My goal is to improve the calibre of academic resources accessible to students, such as up-to-date library materials, internet databases, and research assistance programmes. I'll work with academic staff to pinpoint areas that need work and promote programmes that make learning more enjoyable.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion & Liberation
As an advocate for policies and programmes that assist the recruitment, retention, and achievement of students from varied backgrounds, I will fight for diversity and inclusivity within our academic community. I pledge to establish a warm and accepting atmosphere for every student.

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