Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, City Law School

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Hi everyone! My name is Hifsa, and I'm currently a GELLB student at The City Law School. Born & raised in Montreal to immigrant parents, I'm the eldest of 4. I've been living in the Greater Toronto Area for the past 9 years, before coming to London as an international student! Hobbies: painting, reading and spending time in nature.
Fees & Funding
- Encourage an increase in financial support, and making it more accessible for students particularly by involving more 3rd parties (Scholarships, Grants, Bursaries) - Holding workshops, presentations and seminars inviting firms, chambers & other businesses to come & talk about what can they offer.
Education and Academic Priorities
- Encourage more communication between faculty members, particularly with regards to teaching styles. - Promote what works, and discard what doesn't. - Example: Hold meetings with all lecturers & module leaders teaching a particular module (Tort Law for instance) & do mid-term evaluations.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
- Ameliorate Quality over Quantity of events. - In terms of introducing new events, I'm currently working on 3 different projects (Details to Follow). - Increase meaningful networking opportunities, both within U.K. and internationally. - Answer questions like "what can I do with my degree?"

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