Candidate for the position of Students' Union Officer



East West, Emine's the Best

9am Maths lecture or 6pm event, you'll always find me there! That's me, Emine, a dedicated 3rd year City student. Showing resilience every exam season and grabbing every possible opportunity to fill my diary. While actively supporting student experience changes, I'm now ready to step up and lead the way. 'It's time to turn your dreams into reality'
Cost of Living Crisis
Turn every penny you spend on Campus into a voucher and spend it again! How does that sound to you, your stomach, and your wallet? Shop, Collect points, Redeem. University has to be student-friendly, not just another business with sky-high prices. This system benefits both sides. It's a win-win!
Catering & University Services on Campus
Introducing the Smoothie Bot – your on-campus source for fresh fruit smoothies! Say 'Hello' to convenience, as it will bring delicious blends right to you. No more daily walks to the local cafe; you are covered. Enjoy a menu of refreshing options, hassle-free!
Other (please specify in the box below):
Graduate for free! The cost of graduation is almost the cost of a semester. After investing in our education multiple times, why pay again for diplomas and rented gowns? It's time for a fairer system that celebrates our achievements without breaking the bank.

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