Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Science and Technology

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Alan Clark Gutierrez (Active! S.U.)

For an Active Student Union!

Hi, I'm Alan! You might know me from Y2 Aero Engineering, but most see me around campus with the Robotics Society. I'm passionate about many things, as long as I have good friends to do them with!
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
To make Student Activities the number 1 focus of the SU. We will achieve this by improving funding, scheduling, campus resources and more for student-led activities
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
Keeping Wednesday afternoons Free! We need more time to rest during long weeks, spend time with friends, do some sport, join a society (and go to therapy). We have to make it policy: no teaching at all after Wed 1pm
There are so many ways the uni can be more sustainable: energy saving, changing electricity suppliers, removing plastic packaging, less disposable items, carbon conscious construction/refurbishments, etc... Let's lobby for a greener campus!

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