Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Policy and Global Affairs

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Yacine Sedour (Active! S.U.)

I am a passionate second-year student in the SPGA, dedicated to pursuing a degree in politics. As a committee member of the Debate Society, I have honed my communication and critical thinking skills. I am excited to bring my enthusiasm for dialogue and my commitment to effective representation to the upcoming election.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
To make Student Activities the number one focus of the SU. We will achieve this by improving funding, scheduling, campus resources and more for student-led activities.
Students' Union Services
We will lobby to encourage the SU to take a greater role on campus, taking over contracts for services on campus, such as the cafeteria, gym and City Bar to provide expanded and improved services, more affordable options and diverse income streams to be reinvested into the student experience.
Space on Campus
We shall push for equal representation of schools in common rooms. Most notably SPGA does not have their own common room. A serious interdepartmental inequality. In addition our campus is in desperate need of more green and well maintained study and casual spaces to improve student wellbeing.

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