Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Science and Technology

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Roinee Banerjee (Active! S.U.)

For an Active Student Union!

A dedicated student involved in student and society governance at City, hoping to introduce more career and employability opportunities for all students. Through my involvement in societies, I am also committed to initiate programmes to promote women in leadership in all fields, and help inspire the leaders of tomorrow.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
To make student activities the number one focus of the Student Union. We will achieve this by improving funding , scheduling , campus resources and more for student-led activities.
Creating an environmentally friendly campus with the SU to achieve their sustainability goals by suggesting ways of incorporating eco-conscious practices into our university planning such as - energy saving, changing electricity suppliers, removing plastic packaging, carbon conscious construction.
Careers and Employability
Creating career opportunities, employability events and resources for students to expand their industry knowledge and experience. Increase student exposure within a range of industries by involving our alumni network, various societies at City and interdepartmental communication and collaboration.

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