Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, Bayes Business School


I am excellent for the role

Hi, my name is William and I am from London and I attend Bayes Business School. I have 3 A-levels. I can ride a bike; drive a car and swim. I was part of my sixth form school council. Therefore, I am a good listener and can turn words into action. Finally, my favourite show is Breaking Bad.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
I want to organise more student events, improve scale and engagement. Furthermore, I aim to support the creation of more sports clubs and societies. While being able to allocate more resources to existing clubs like playing fields and funding.
Cost of Living Crisis
I want to help promote the cost of living hub. Provide more discounts, potentially in the local area and grants. Also, I would like to have some way of delivering cost of living news regularly, through said hub or emails.
Libraries and Academic Resources
I would like to improve the the integration of different libraries and resources, to make it easier to find what people need. Also, I will help push for the expansion of the libraries' collection.

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