Candidate for the position of Assembly Member, School of Science and Technology

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Junaid Katon (Active! S.U.)

For an Active Student Union!

Hi, I’m Junaid. I’m a second-year engineering student. My focus as a representative is to help shape our university into a quality institution. Somewhere that we feel proud to attend, where we are unbound in our pursuit of knowledge, and where we can feel good about ourselves and the lives we are building :)
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
To make Student Activities the number 1 focus of the SU. We will achieve this by improving funding, scheduling, campus resources and more for student-led activities.
Education and Academic Priorities
To redirect attention to tutorial classes and the value they hold. What is their purpose? Are they being used effectively? And if not, to suggest that improvements should be made.
Student Communities & Events (Student Societies and Sports)
To create more opportunities for students to express themselves artistically. Perhaps showcasing their art around campus or providing creative spaces for students to practice their mediums, whatever they may be.

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