Get Involved

Students are doing amazing things all the time here at City.

From running student societies to charitable fundraising, to environmental projects and student media, there are endless ways that City students can get involved.


Enhance your time on campus by joining over 70 student societies and become part of the community. Whether you are looking to find like-minded people or develop employable skills, there is something for everyone.

From academic subject based societies like the Optometry Society to hobby and interest groups like the Dance Society, you’re bound to find something up your street.

Being involded in societies is much more than following a hobby or interest. Being on the organising committee of a City Students' Union society is open to all society members, and society Presidents, Finance Officers, and Communications Officers usually have a very special experience at university, meeting lots of people and learning all sorts of skills.

RAG Charity Fundraising

The Students’ Union supports a dedicated charitable fundraising group led by student volunteers, called City University RAG. RAG is short for Raising And Giving, and we make it our mission to make fundraising fun and accessible to all students, whilst also raising lots of money for some great causes. RAG includes charity societies, short term fundraising projects, and official RAG Weeks.

Student Media

The Students' Union also supports Student Media Teams, which are societies dedicated to producing online, radio, or video media. If you're interested in editing or contributing, why not set up a new Student Media Team, or get involved in an existing one.

Leadership Academy

City Students' Union Leadership Academy is a personal and professional development programme designed to complement your university-based co-curricular activities go alongside your studies. The core of the Leadership Academy, The City Students' Union Leadership Award, is an accreditation offered by City Students’ Union where students can utilise leadership roles and voluntary activities/achievements to develop competencies. The Leadership Academy also offers training, personal development events, and a fund that you can apply to so you can run small projects top develop your own skills and the wider student community at City.