The Awards 2021


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Virtual Event Running Order

  • Welcome from City Students' Union 
  • Society Awards 
  • Staff Impact Awards 
  • Student Impact Awards 


Winners will be emailed after the event with information on how to collect or arrange your certificate for delivery! 


We’re 12 months on from the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown, and we’ve all had to make changes to how we work, study, and communicate.  The Awards 2021 ran by City Students’ Union is designed to celebrate the fantastic achievements from the 2020/21 academic year for Students and Staff at City, University of London in the face of the most difficult year imaginable. 

We’ve got our usual mix of awards for our wonderful Societies, celebrating the student groups who’ve done so much this year during impossible circumstances. For 2021 we’ve also introduced ‘The Impact Award’ for both students and staff, and anyone can nominate any person they choose. We’ve heard so many stories about how City students and staff have supported others during this past year, so now is the time to celebrate the vast amount of people who’ve made an impact in the past year.  

These awards are for anyone that has done something to improve your time at City – it could be a classmate who helped you revise over Zoom, a lecturer who went the extra mile with their online lessons, or even just someone you met that you’ve had virtual catch-ups with during lockdown. Whoever it is, we want to give everyone at City a chance to reflect on the impact of these vital moments and say thank you for the connections we’ve all made this year.  

Like we said, anyone can nominate anyone – so have a read of the award descriptions below and get your nominations in as soon as possible. Winners and nominees will be invited to a virtual event at the end of the assessment period in May.

The Impact Awards: Students 

This year has been the most difficult in recent memory for many students, and we’ve heard plenty about students helping each other out during the pandemic with studies, social activities, or something as simple as being there for each other when they’ve needed. These awards are given to those who have helped you in some way this year, no matter how big or small. It could be your Programme Representative, an individual in a society, someone on your course, a Student Ambassador from when the year began, a neighbour in your student accommodation, or just about anyone you know studying at City – this is your opportunity to celebrate your peers and thank them if they’ve done something to help you this year. 

The Impact Awards: Staff 

While teaching has looked different this year, we know that there are lots of staff members going above and beyond for students at City. This could be a lecturer, a mentor, someone from a professional service, an advisor that helped you in some way, or basically any staff member at City who has had an impact on you this year. This is your chance to say thanks if there’s someone that has had a great impact on your time this year, and celebrate the staff who’ve helped out in any way. 

Best Society  

This award is for the society that has done the most for its members this year. This could be a society that has hosted events, provided a social space for its members during difficult times, offered development and training, fundraised, or generally gone the extra mile in the most challenging circumstances. The Best Society Award should go to a society that has made students’ lives better, and has taken the opportunity to be there for students when they’ve needed them most. 

The nominees are:

  • African Caribbean Society
  • Carrot Magazine
  • Debating Society
  • Economics Society
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Pro Bono Society

Most Improved Society 

Every year some societies grow while some fade somewhat, and this award is to celebrate the society that has bounced back or better its fortunes in some way. Whether this society has boosted its memberships after a quiet year, has upped its event quality, or even something as simple as hosted regular social opportunities for members, the Most Improved Society should be a society that has transformed itself to become an essential part of life at City. 

The nominees are:

  • African Caribbean Society
  • Erasmus Student Network
  • Jewish Society
  • Law Society
  • Photography Society
  • Pro Bono Society

Best New Society 

Running a society this year has been no small feat and starting a new one has been perhaps an even bigger challenge with the barriers provided by being away from campus. The Best New Society should be one that has taken the opportunity to adapt and grow their society in an online world and build a solid foundation to work with in future years back on campus.  

The nominees are:

  • Bengali Society
  • Justice & Peace Society
  • Networking Society
  • Speech & Language Therapy Society
  • Wealth Management Society
  • Women in Law Society

Best Society Event or Activity

In previous years this has been won for big charity fundraisers, end-of-year balls, sports tournaments, and more. While this year’s events have looked different, they’ve been perhaps even more important for the students that have attended as they’ve provided a space to meet people, feel welcomed, and get some of the university experience they need. The Best Society Event doesn’t have to be the most well-attended or high-profile, but it should be a great example of an event that was a highlight for all involved and demonstrably improved students’ experience. 

The nominees are:

  • Economics Society Podcast
  • Erasmus Student Network Language Cafes
  • Justice & Peace Society Workshop
  • Law Society Competition
  • Optometry Society Parallelepiped-up Sessions
  • Pro Bono Society Law Fair