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Have a great idea for an event or project in your school? Need some money and support to make it happen? Don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

The City Fund is designed to help you build a great experience and community within your school by doing something different. We want to help you with any idea big or small, to provide a new opportunity for your course; winner. Applying for funding has never been easier with a simple online form, some FAQs and handy guidance notes to walk you through the process!







How do I apply?

Just complete the online form by Midnight on 22nd January, telling us what your idea is, how it would improve your school, and how much money you need – it can be any amount from £5 to £500!

Our specially selected panel will then look at the ideas and select the ones which meet the criteria best. If your idea is successful, we will be in touch to set up a meeting with a City SU staff member to help you get going on your project.

Can’t complete the online form? Don’t worry, just email sophie.harrison@city.ac.uk for an electronic copy.

Need some help in applying? Check out the guidance notes so you can understand what we are looking for and can make considerations to make your application stand out!

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Who will be on the decision-making panel?

The panel will be made up of Sabbatical Officers, our Activities & Development Manager, our Representation Manager and an Associate Dean of Student Experience. The panel will use criteria, based on the guidance notes, to ensure the process is fair and transparent, and bring expertise to the panel to help us understand your applications as best as possible.

Some key areas that will be considered when looking at the applications will be:


How many people will the project benefit?.


How will it improve community feeling?


How will it engage hard to reach students?


How accessible is it to a wide range of students (eg. Disabled students, postgraduates etc)?


How well considered is the budget? Value for money?


Could it lead to any additional activity?

Panel members will weigh up each event criteria to judge its potential impact when building a community in their school.



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