Big Ideas

We're looking for your Big Ideas!

Got something you want to change? Something you want our elected officers to work on? Do you just want to know the students opinion on an issue/idea?

Just click 'I've got a Big Idea' and you'll be able to submit this for review.


What happens after you submit an idea?

- Your ideas goes through a review process before going live on the website.

- Once your idea is live, all students will be able to vote for the period of three weeks.


- For these three weeks, your role is to convince as many students to vote positively on your idea to ensure it gets approved. You can message your peers (classmates, society members, sports team members) and share on your social media and whtasapp groups. We will also promote you idea through our social media channels.


How to get your idea approved? You'll need at least 25 votes for your idea to pass.

- If your idea does not pass or fails to meet the required number of votes (25) , you can resubmit your idea for review.

- If you idea gets approved , a friendly member of staff will be in contact to draft an action plan that will bring your idea to life.


On this page, you'll be able to up-vote and down-vote ideas, so push an idea into action by up-voting!

If you'd like to track progress on the ideas submitted, visit the Big Ideas Progress page.

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