Programme Representatives

Programme Representatives

Every Programme (course) in City, University of London elects one or more Programme Representatives, and that could be you!


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So, what is a Programme Rep?

Think of a Programme Rep as the spokesperson for all students on their course. Students can turn to their Rep to raise any issues in their course, and this can be academic related or non-academic related. For example, if there are no PowerPoint slides for lectures, a Rep can raise this and ask for this to be changed.

Programme Reps are incredibly important because they make sure that the student voice is heard on each course at City, all the way from Undergraduate courses up to PhD. Ultimately, Reps play a key role in making the University experience much better for City students, meaning students will not only get the most out of their course but are happier students.


How can I become a Programme Rep?

During the first few weeks of Term 1, one of your lecturers will tell you about the opportunity to be a Rep and how to put yourself forward. Depending on whether your course is mostly in person or online, the elections will be held during class. For more information on how your programme in carrying out Programme Rep Elections, please contact your Course Leader.

You can put yourself forward as a Rep as soon as nominations open. You might be asked to write up a few sentences about why you want to be a Rep or even get the opportunity to speak at during a lecture. Your fellow students will then elect you if they feel you will represent them best!


Why should I become a Programme Rep?


You can make positive change(s)

Programme Reps are key to making sure that the University is constantly listening to, and responding to, real student feedback. If something is not working on your course? Or if something is working well and you want more of it? Reps will take student feedback on their course to key University committee meetings where important decisions are made. At these meetings, the right people will hear it so that the changes students want to see can happen.

You can learn and develop skills that make you more employable

Being a Programme Rep is a great development opportunity and can help you develop your skills set, ultimately making you a more employable student! You’ll be boosting your CV and be networking with other reps, students and within the University. You’ll enhance skills like project management, interpersonal skills and campaigning skills that will make you stand out from the crowd.

You will receive training

The Students’ Union trains and supports over 700 Programme Reps across the University each year to make sure that you get the most out of your role. Through the training provided, Programme Reps are equipped with the skills they need to represent students and collate feedback.


Your rep status also gives you a range of rewards including:

  • Lanyards
  • Certificates
  • Personalised Hoodies and personalised business cards for purchase
  • Exclusive training and paid research opportunities
  • Programme Rep of the month prizes
  • Vouchers for encouraging and participating in surveys



Can there be more than 1 Rep on my course?

Yes, there usually should be more than 1 Rep; to ensure you are not carrying the workload on your own!

I want to be a rep! How do I sign up?

If you are interested in standing to be a rep, you can submit your nomination during the first few weeks of teaching. Please contact your Course Leader to find out more information on how elections are being held for your programme.

Can I speak to someone if I’m interested but not sure yet?

Yes. You can speak with your VP Education or School Representative Officer (SRO) or by emailing the team at 

I don’t want to be a Rep this year but maybe next year?

That’s fine. You’ll hear from us again!