Find my Programme Rep


Find my Programme Rep


If you don't know the Programme Rep (or Reps) for your course, you can use this page to find your Programme Rep. 


What is a Programme Rep?

A Programme Rep is elected to collect feedback from your course and take it to meetings with course leaders and other senior academics. 

Programme Reps can also help to direct you to the support service you need and keep you up to date with your feedback. 


How to use the page:

  • Enter your course name and select the year using the box below.
  • You may be used to using a different name for your course so you may need to search a couple of different terms.
  • Your Programme Rep(s) should then appear on the following page.
  • If you cant find your Programme Rep on the page, you may want to contact your course leader to ask to be put in contact with them directly.
  • If no results appear, this may be that there is no rep currently for your course OR we do not have the exact data from your course. You can let us know by using this form: Click Here.


What's next?

Now you want to contact your Reps to share your feedback or get support and signposting. 

  • If you already know who your Rep is, contact them in the usual way.
  • You could search their name in the email address book and send them an email. 
  • You could message via an existing course WhatsApp if there is one for your course. 
  • You can always contact your course leader and ask to be put in contact with them.
  • Make sure to look out for emails or messages from your Reps as they will be asking for feedback ahead of any meetings.


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