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Programme Representative Newsletter


Every month, we will be sending a Programme Rep Newsletter to update our Programme Reps of on key events and opportunities that are important to their role as representatives of their cohort. The Newsletter contains information about the Students’ Union Academic Impact and Programme Rep Impact. It also features a number of events and activities that Programme Reps can be involved in such as The Leadership Conference and information about the Union’s Democracy .

What information you might expect from the Newsletter:

 -Academic Impact

 -Programme Rep Impact

 -Students’ Union News and Events

 -City University News and Events

 -Other opportunities offered by the Students’ Union

We are very proud to have launch our first newsletter in December 2018 and we will be sending more updates to our Programme Reps.

December 2018 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter

April 2019 Newsletter