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Your Officers

Each year all City students elect student Officers to represent you to the University and beyond, and to campaign for improvements in the student experience at City.

In addition, a number of part-time Officers are elected to represent particular groups of students. Together, all these Student Officers make up the Student Union Executive, and set the political direction of the Students’ Union.

Full Time Student Officers

Three of the Student Officers – the President, Vice-President Education and Vice-President Activities & Development – are elected to full time paid positions and lead the work of the Union.

School Representative Officers 

Dean Rowe

School of Arts and Social Sciences
Email Dean
See the School Representative Officer Role Description


Maleeha Koreshi

School of Health Sciences
Email Maleeha
See the School Representative Officer Role Description

Each School elects a School Representative Officer, who will work to represent that School’s students to the School, University and Union.

Aaron Carey 

School of Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Engineering
Email Aaron
See the School Representative Officer Role Description









Liberation Officers(SRO's)


Callan Jenkins

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Officer
Email Callan
See the LGBT Officer Role Description

Kayleigh Morris

Women's Officer
Email Kayleigh
See the Women's Officer Role Description

You also elect Officers to represent specific groups of students – either groups who are traditionally under-represented, or have specific issues that require representation.

Tanjin Huda

Black and Minority Ethnic Officer
Email Tanjin
See the BME Officer Role Description


Aryan Arjoonsingh

International Students' Officer
Email Aryan
See the International Students' Officer Role Description

Special Interest Officers

Harveen Panaser

Ethics & Environmental Officer
Email Harveen
See the Ethics & Environmental Officer Role Description

Joshua Boddy

Sports Officer
Email Joshua
See the Sports Officer Role Description

Adam Hockenhill

Student Media Officer
See the Student Media Officer Role Description

You also elect an Officer to lead the Students’ Unions’ work on particular student activities.