Your Officers

Your Officers

Each year all City students elect student Officers to represent you to the University and beyond, and to campaign for improvements in the student experience at City.

In addition, a number of part-time Officers are elected to represent particular groups of students. Together, all these Student Officers make up the Student Union Executive, and set the political direction of the Students’ Union.

Students' Union Officers

The four Students Union Officers are elected to full time paid positions and lead the work of the Union.


Our Assembly is the representative voice of students, which in turn will be the largest, most powerful student decision-making body at City. Once formed, the Assembly will set the Union’s priorities for the next year.

The Assembly proportionally represents the Schools at City and will be made up of 4 Students' Union Officers, 34 elected Assembly Members and 12 appointed First-Year and Postgraduate Members.


If you'd like to know more about the changes in our democratic structures, click here.


Assembly Speaker


       Richard Graham

       Assembly Member for the School of Policy and Global Affairs

       BSc Economics (Economics and Econometrics)







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