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Resource Hub:


Welcome the the Autumn Elections Resource Hub. This page contains all of the documents you need and will be your guide if you are a candidate or considering running for one of the positions.

All of the resources are in the table below with a brief discription and a link to download.





Candidate Handbook Your Candidate Handbook: all of the important information you need to run a successful campaing and everything you need to know so you don't break the rules. Download PDF





Elections Rules This Bye-law governs the election of Executive Officers, Student Councilors, NUS Delegates and other positions.  Download PDF

Complaints Form Link

You can access the Complaints Form using link in the Download column Access Complaints Form

Campaign Expenses Planning Form

This spreadsheet is for planning your campaign expenses and checking if you will go over budget. Download Spreadsheet

Elections Claim Form

This form is for declaring your expenses during the elections.  Download Word Document

Elections Expenses Claim Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is for listing your campaign expenses and receipts.  Download Spreadsheet

Campaining and Manifesto Session

Guidance on how to run a campaign and write a manifesto.

Digital Poster Support (2020) PDF

Manifesto and Digital Poster Support Session (2021) PDF

Manifesto and Digital Poster Support Session (2021) Session Recording

Jargon Buster

The Jargon Buster defines and explains some of the words and terms we use during the elections. Download PDF

Trustee Form

The Trustee Declaration Form must be completed for Full-Time (Paid positions). You can access the Form using link in the Download column Access Trustee Form


If you have any questions about the resources on this page, please email us at