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10 Reasons to Run in our Elections

You’ll get to create real change on campus and enhance the student experience.

For example, this year your VP Education has been working a campaign to bring lecture capture to all students at City, while your President is doing work around the gender pay gap.

Running an election campaign gives you a platform to share your great ideas with the whole student body.

Think we need more plugs in the library, fewer exams, or even unlimited ice-cream for every student? Let everyone hear your best ideas, and if you win, you get to make them happen!

You’ll get to develop your leadership skills and become more employable.

Not many graduate jobs let you chair high level meetings, network with high-flyers both within and outside the university, and lead teams of students in running campaigns, all in your first year!

If you’re running to be a full-time officer, you’ll get a starting salary of over £23,000 – not bad for your first job out of uni!

Even if you’re a part-time officer, you’ll gain loads of new skills and enhance your CV.

As well as being involved in making decisions and running events and campaigns, you’ll have access to a whole host of trainings and development opportunities to make it easier for you to nab that dream job when you graduate.

What’s more, as an officer you’ll steer the direction of the Union as a representative of the over 19000 students at City.

City Students’ Union is a member-led organisations, which means we work for and on behalf of students. As an officer who has been elected by students to represent them, you’ll sit on our Executive Committee and help decide what we do.

You’ll get to put on cool events for students from across the University.

For example, this year the Liberation Officers planned a whole series of City Succeeds events to get students networking with professionals from a range of sectors, and if that sounds too serious for you, remember the Christmas Party? That was planned by your officers!

As an officer, you’ll get to meet and work with students from every walk of life, and you might even make some life-long friends.


Even if you don’t win, standing for election is a valuable experience.

We’ve heard from unsuccessful candidates in the past that the experience they got from planning and running an election campaign allowed them to be successful when applying for other roles in the future.

…And most importantly, it’s fun!

So think you want to earn 23K a year and be officers for the Students' Union? Or if you're still studying, part-time officers gain valuable skills that employers are looking for!

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