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Midwifery Society Newsletter Oct 2017

Take a look at our planned events for this year! Look forward to seeing you there :)

Christmas closure: City Students' Union reception and Union Advice

Find out everything you need to know about our Christmas closure.

Olesea, Malek and Zulkaif: What have we been doing?

Here’s a Christmas update about the projects we are working on now...

City Students raised over £1,800

We raised money for Penny Appeal which works on numerous projects all around the Globe. We had number of different events and activities run by RAG Board in collaboration with Sports Teams and Societies.

Highlights from Student Council

Find out what happened at our first Student Council meeting of the year!

Visit Amsterdam or Paris this spring, with City Students' Union

You can visit iconic European cities Amsterdam & Paris with other international students at City this Spring!

Cocktails are back to CityBar!

At the beginning of this academic year it was brought to my attention that cocktails were no longer allowed to be served at CityBar. We received feedback from students that they wanted to be able to purchase cocktails and were surprised they weren’t part of the offering already.

City Community – What would you change?

Do you feel like you belong to a community at City? Let us know what we could do to make the sense of community even stronger.

Islamophobia Awareness Month

This month sees the introduction of Islamophobia Awareness Month!

We have ensured the University’s Exam Timetable has been released on time!

Today sees the release of the University’s Exam Timetable for January 2018. This has been released on time and as planned by the University.

Interfaith Month “Send a Smile”

One of the highlight events of Interfaith month was called ‘Send a Smile’.

See the winners of our Autumn Elections

See the full results from The Leadership Elections: Autumn Edition. These students start representing you straight away

Programme Reps Welcome Receptions
School of Health Sciences Welcome Reception

A Review of our Programme Rep Welcome Receptions that happened throughout October and November.

Olesea: What I've been up to in the last few months

Happy Thursday! Below you will find a summary of key activities that I undertook since starting my role of the President of City Students' Union...

Access All Areas

Access All Areas is a self-directed club crawl in the West End. Collecting your AAA wristband from Bar Soho before 11pm on the night grants you access to 6 iconic venues and student drinks prices all night.

Zulkaif: Black Attainment Gap?

I recently had the chance to look and research about black attainment gap and to my surprise the difference in figures was astonishing, given a study conducted by...

Making Better Societies

Last week the Union delivered its biggest training programme than ever before to its Student Leaders. Welcoming over 500 attendees we delivered 8 different information and skills focused sessions; sessions included Leadership, Event Management and Effective Marketing and Communications to name just a few. All sessions aimed to train and develop our leaders so that they may grow their societies to deliver bigger and better events and opportunities for you!

Black History Month

“If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world”

We just increased societies' funding by £13,000

It’s a huge increase to what our societies are able to access, and I'm really excited about what happens next.

Your Sabbatical Officers' final message

What a year it has been! It’s flown by, and sadly we’ve landed on our Sabbatical Officers’ last day today. All three of them have worked incredibly hard this year, and some of their achievements have been amazing. Find out more...

Win: Here's where you can find the new desk spaces

City Students’ Union has been working with City, University of London around the closure of the Graduate Library space that occurred in September 2016.

Nominations are now open for The Sports Awards 2017

It's time for you to nominate the most outstanding individuals and teams to be recognised in the Sport & Leisure Department's annual awards ceremony.

After you said the Uni made the wrong choice, we stepped in

Zain Ismail, your Vice President, Education, tell us how he managed to reverse some unfair marks that were given out in a couple of modules, and how you can get involved.

Wins: Extended hours for food at CityBar

Sheikh explains our latest bit of good news for our students

We've made our decision on the newspaper policies

Two contrasting policies concerning the media have been passed, so this is what we'll do about it.

Leadership Conference 17

We look back at our workshop-filled day, delivered to students by CityCareers, Learning Enhancement and Development, the National Union of Students, ExperienceCity and CityLibrary.

The Full Results From The Leadership Elections 2017

We've broken down the votes for each of the positions, stage by stage.

What I Discovered By Voting In The Elections

Yes, many of you think nothing will change or you are being told things that are impossible. But, you’re wrong.

City Students’ Union decides to NOT Boycott the NSS

The Union has taken the decision to continue to work with the City, University of London to promote the National Student Survey (NSS)