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Academic Impact Awards

Right to Left (Yusuf Ahmad, Olesea Matcovschi, Zulkaif Riaz, Sheikh Hassan, Zain Ismail and and Male

Academic Impact Awards



The Academic Impact Awards (previously the Learning Enhancement Awards) are our annual chance to celebrate all the amazing ways City students’, academic and professional staff that have made an academic impact on our students’ lives.


There are 12 awards and four award categories which include;



Teaching; &

Programme Representatives

There is also an award for School of the Year at City, which looks at the School that has done most to enhance the student experience.


This year marks a special year for the Academic Impact Awards’ specifically marking ten years since their founding, as such we have re-named the awards and increased the venue capacity, as well as increased the number of freebies and awards we are giving out!


Nominating is very easy, just use the link:


Finally, These Awards are sponsored by the Learning Enhancement and Development Department (LEaD) and we would like to thank them for their continued support in the delivery.







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Wed 21 Apr 2021

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Mon 19 Apr 2021
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