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Autumn Elections 2018: Notice of Poll

Notice of Poll

The Deputy Returning Officer hereby gives notice of poll of the Autumn Elections 2018

The following students are standing for  the following roles in our Autumn Elections.


Name of Candidate(s)

Disabled Students Officer


Hernandez Vazquez, Nicole

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Postgraduate-Taught Officer




Kley-Gomez, Antoine

Nascimento, Patricia

Pobee, Emmanuel

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Postgraduate-Research Officer

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

NUS Delegate











Bharde, Nazia

Bushale, Muna

El Boujaji, Johaina

Javaid, Ruqaiyah

Kunt, Tuna

Louca, George

Mehdi, Surra

Perelygina, Kristina

Riaz, Saqlain

Tamimi, Abdurrahman

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Chair of Student Council


Haytova, Albena

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (Cass Business School)





Clowry Steele, Finty

Jung, Hwan

Sharapova, Daria

Tain, Wenyu

Zaid, Usama

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (City Law School)







Cespedes Gongora, Alberto

Guerard, Liv-Anne

Tonwtti, Giulia

Kureshy, Noor

Unas Ali Baig, Mirza

Zahidah, Basel

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SASS)



Adoli, Cordelia

Jugnarain, Rahul

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SHS)


Onwusiri, Anne

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SMCSE)





Arjoon Signh, Aryan

Jawahar Selvam, Indhuja

Mohamed, Muhudin

Wahba, David

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

For further details about these elections please review our Elections Regulations.

Candidates will start campaigning on Thursday at 9am, at which time all manifestos and other materials will be availableto view on our Elections page.

How to Vote

Voting for elections opens online on Monday 15th October at 12pm and will close on Friday 19th October at 12pm. There will be SU Elections staff with roving ballot stations at various points around campus during the week, please look out for them in their green hoodies. Alternatively you can log onto our website at any time and vote at

Results of Election

The election shall be counted and announced online following the close of the elections and completion of any outstanding appeals and disciplinary actions.

Contacting the Deputy Returning Officer

The Deputy Returning Officer for this election is Hannah Roberts and she may be contacted via the following email address  

The Returning Officer is Peter Robinson, NUS.

Please send all questions about the elections through to  


Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their campaigner, full details of grounds for complaints can be found in Section 14 of the Elections Bye-Laws. To submit a complaint please email the Deputy Returning Officer on



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