City Students’ Union moves to second in London in the NSS!

Final year City students continue to show their confidence in the Students’ Union in the National Student Survey (NSS). Our final year undergraduate students were asked to reflect on their time at University to assess how satisfied they’ve been with their experience at City. The results of the NSS are important to every University, because not only do they support them to monitor and make improvements to student satisfaction in comparison to other universities, but they also contribute to a number of league tables.

One question also reflects on the Students’ Union.  When looking at Question 26 which has the following statement ‘The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests’, 62% of City students agreed with this statement, whilst only 56% agreed nationally. 

There has been drop in satisfaction locally and nationally by about 1%, however City Students’ Union continues to perform well against the sector.

City is placed second against all other London Students’ Unions and nationally City places at 25th. Considering the low level of space and financial resource City Students’ Union has at its disposal, this makes this result even more impressive.

The Students’ Union question is only one part of the NSS, with the rest focused on the University.  The Students’ Union will continue to work with City to improve the satisfaction of the whole student experience, making City better for all.

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