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Decolonisation of City, University of London

Decolonisation of City, University of London

Decolonisation of City, University of London.


With what began with calls from students to rename the Cass Business school after it was found that it was named after a slave trader, has now become a demand to reach a fully decolonised institution. Students from City have begun thinking outside of the Eurocentric frames that have traditionally dominated our curriculum, and are rightfully demanding a better experience

We must challenge and resist colonial influences in our education, in our services and in our social spaces. To question management structures, staff representation, our white curriculum, our library books and all that which affects our education and University journey. We call for a new era for education, by reforming and diversifying the curriculum. We are committed to representing all our students and to fight for an educational experience that will enable them to thrive around the world. in every sector of the institution, to expand the curriculum and improve both teaching and course content such as providing more thinkers of colour on reading lists.

As always, we want this work to be led by our students to ensure that our efforts have a real impact on the ground, as only you can demonstrate the inequalities that exist here at City. We encourage you to hold the University to account by asking questions such as ‘Why does a BAME attainment gap exist? Our fight is intersectional and accessible, so we call upon our students, academics, professional services staff and alumni to join us in demanding that City joins this globally organised movement calling for institutional change.

You can find all campaign objectives and additional resources here.

#Decolonising City: Education, Student Services and Socially.