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Drop-in to see Union Advice across campus

Union Advice are offering students drop-in Q&A sessions across campus during Study Well, answering your questions about assessments, ECs, appeals and other academic issues.

Drop in to one of these helpful sessions to find out your rights and responsibilities and ensure best learning outcomes. 

Here's a list of all the sessions: 

 15 May, 4-5 ELG14

 16 May, 1-2 AG02

 17 May, 1-2 AG04

 21May, 1-2 AG02

 22 May, 3-4 Students’ Union

 24 May, 11-1 2007, Bunhill Row

 29 May, 3-4 MG24

 30 May, 1-2 ELG10

 31 May, 3-4 ELG10 

4 June 12-1 MG25

5 June 3-4 AG05

8 June 1-2 Main Walkway


See the full list of events with our Study Well events guide: