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Student Communities Focus Groups: Tell us how we can better your student experience


At City SU, we want to know more about the different types of student at City. There are lots of different types of communities amongst the student population, and our goal is to try and understand these communities and know what we can do to improve their student experience.


To do this, we are hosting a bunch of focus groups for students from different communities. We are looking to hear from any student that self-defines as part of one of these communities. There are ten focus groups but you should only attend one. The student communities we are looking to learn more about are:

  • Students with a disability
  • LGBTQ+ students
  • Parents & carers
  • Placement students
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Sports players
  • Students living in halls
  • Students of colour
  • Students of faith
  • Women students


For attending, you will receive a £10 gift voucher for your choice of: John Lewis, Uber Eats or The Ethical Shop.


We will spend about an hour asking you about your experience at City, the services you use, the support you need, and the ways in which we could make your life better at university.


The focus group will be led by one of your fellow students, and we’ll take notes and anonymous feedback from the focus group to inform our work going forward. This is your chance to directly tell City SU what you think about us and have your say on what we should be doing differently.


Purchase a free ticket and come along. Focus groups will be held online and links to attend will be sent out in advance. Sign up to the event below:


Parents & Carers Focus Group – Tuesday 18th May, 11am

Placement Students Focus Group – Monday 17th May, 1pm

Postgraduate Students Focus Group – Monday 17th May, 2pm

Students of Faith Focus Group  – Thursday 20th May, 2pm

Sports Players Focus Group – Wednesday 19th May, 11am

Students of Colour Focus Group – Thursday 20th May, 6pm


Students with a disability Focus Group – Friday 21st May, 3pm


Students in Halls Focus Group – Tuesday 18th May, 2pm


Women Students Focus Group- Friday 21st May 2pm