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Guess who’s back, back again? The Student Council!

Guess who’s back, back again?

The Student Council!

Student Council Meeting is happening again on Wednesday 9th February from 4pm to 6pm and it is open to all students at City, so come and get an idea of what’s going on! This student council meeting will be an action-packed one, as you will be able to hear from Meike Imberg, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant about allyship, hear discussions about the motions submitted, hold your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers accountable by asking about their actions and decisions, and ask about the UCU Strike Action!


Allyship Session by Meike Imberg

We are honoured to announce that Meike Imberg, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant (and former Greenwich Students' Union President) will be presenting in the first half an hour of the Student Council Meeting about Allyship. Active allyship is crucial and also very attractive to employers.

In the session, you will hear about:

  • How to identify casual unconscious discrimination.
  • How to navigate difficult conversations in social settings.
  • Actively supporting friends & colleagues "Coming Out". 
  • How to ensure your community is doing enough to make their recruitment inclusive to LGBTQIA+ students.

Meike is “a specialist for LGBT inclusion and gender diversity, her work in diversity and inclusion expands to all other identity facets such as visible and invisible disabilities, faith, and mental health.” Furthermore, she was “featured in UK's Pride Life Magazine in December 2021 as a proactive advocate for the LGBT community, she always aims to use her growing platform to educate and empower others around diversity and inclusion, leadership, and being your authentic self.”


Motions submitted this year include:

  1. Free reusable water bottles at student fair and SU Desk
  2. Free Sanitary products in female and gender-neutral toilets


Holding your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers accountable

Although only the Student Council members have the power to vote and make policy in the Student Council Meeting, everyone will be able to participate in debate and ask questions from the Part-Time and Full-Time Officers. Come along to ask your officers what they have been up to, what projects and campaigns they have been managing, and make sure that they are always prioritising the needs of the students they represent. It is crucial to hold your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers accountable and question them about their actions and decisions, to ensure that we protect the needs and wants of all members of our Union and not of the few who are in a position of power. This council will also be a great opportunity to ask about the UCU Strike Action happening this in month.