Joint Statement: On the Israeli Ambassador Event

Joint statement from City, University of London and City, University of London Students' Union on the deferred Israeli Ambassador Event


“The Israeli Embassy took the decision to defer the event. City, University of London and the Students’ Union had been working collaboratively on appropriate security measures to enable the event to take place, while being conscious of the need both to protect freedom of speech and discharge our duty of care for the safety of our students and staff.

The Students’ Union made the firm decision that it could not agree to the sharing of event registration details without the express permission of those who had registered. The University fully supported this view.  As of result of this and the fact that this request was submitted shortly before the event, the Students’ Union and the University did not have time to consider or consult on other additional measures requested by the Police and the Embassy. 

The Students' Union would welcome the opportunity to resume discussions with the Embassy with the aim of holding the event, with appropriate security measures, providing the issue in relation to the release of registration details can be resolved.

City and the Students’ Union strive to build an inclusive, respectful and supportive culture which values the diversity of our students, our staff and our wider community.  We believe that aspiration is fully compatible with City’s and the Students’ Unions’ absolute and unwavering commitment to freedom of speech within the law.”