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Latest Officer Update | March 2021

?We've been working on a number of items over the past month. If you want to get in-touch with us, you can! Simply find our emails at the bottom of this article. 

What we've been working on: 

  • Rent strike: VP Community and Wellbeing, Shaima Dallali, has been supporting students who are on rent strike. Shaima organised a meeting with the student representatives and University, where students were able to talk about their demands and ways forward. Two subsequent meetings were organised with the student representatives and Unite. On 4th February 2021, students put a motion of no confidence in City, University of London Executive Board due to its handling of the strike.
  • Students United Against Tuition Fees: The officer team have joined a national campaign headed by the LSE Students' Union, Students United Against Tuition Fees. The campaign calls for fee compensation from the Government and SLC (Student Loans Company) for a re-evaluation of the marketisation of HE and the and the Government's silence on the Augar review. SU President – Saqlain Riaz – is one of 20 national officers sitting on the campaigns advisory board.
  • Academic experience and exam arrangements: The Executive Officer Team continue to work with students, programme representatives, and the university to ensure feedback is being acted on in a timely manner. Student concerns around examination arrangements are currently being raised with the officer team. Relevant work is being undertaken with various departments to ensure the union is delivering for students. 
  • Student Spaces: The SU President is progressing work on the need for improved student spaces on campus. Student spaces affect our membership in different ways. An overarching priority is accessibility and suitability from sports teams to faith groups and students needing an informal space to study. Meetings with relevant departments and Students’ Unions who have improved their spaces in recent years will continue to develop plans for September onwards.
  • No Detriment: The SU has sat on the No Detriment Working Group, with the VP Education and Advice Service Manager being in attendance. The Working Group has had consultation with Boards of Studies on the main part of the No Detriment package and the specifics of the package will come to Senate. The SU, via the Advice Service and our newsletter, has been supporting the University with providing students with information about the No Detriment mitigations and responding to student queries in this regard. We have noticed that students are highly anxious about their academic attainment this year, owing to the difficulties that many have faced with online learning and personal circumstances relating to the pandemic. The SU is keen to see the Working Group release the full No Detriment package to students as soon as possible which will help assist these student anxieties.

Contact us:

SU President - Saqlain Riaz 
VP Education - Ruqaiyah Javaid 
VP Community & Wellbeing - Shaima Dallali



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