Society Committee Election Results 2019-20

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The City Students' Union Society Committee Elections have now closed, and the following students have been appointed to the corresponding roles;

180 Degrees Consulting Society President – Maciej Babicz

Aerospace & Mechanical Society President – Kelly Strommer

Afghan Society Communications Officer – Noraima Arif

Afghan Society Finance Officer – Soman Shokori

Afghan Society President – Zabia Sadiqi

African Caribbean Society Communications Officer – Aaliyah Frustaci

African Caribbean Society Finance Officer – Oluwanifemi Ige Olamiju

African Caribbean Society President – Oluwasegun Adeola

Ahlulbayt Society Communications Officer – Mohammad Jawad

Ahlulbayt Society Finance Officer – Aliya Jaffer

Ahlulbayt Society President – Mir Aoun

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) Communications Officer – Araslan Shakir

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) Society Finance Officer – Zain Mir

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) President – Mohammad Awais

Albanian Society Communications Officer – Dren Matoshi

Albanian Society President – Silvio Qorri

Animal Law Society Communications Officer – Raha Ghadaksaz

Animal Law Society President – Sam Groom

Arab Society President – Masa Jamaludeen

Azerbaijan Society Communications Officer – Rustam Asadov

Azerbaijan Society President – Elshan Abbasov

Bhangra Society Communications Officer – Anup Bhullar

Bhangra Society Finance Officer – Kuljit Sangha

Bhangra Society President – Rimineet Sidhu

Canadian American Law Society President – Jessica Gill

Canadian and American Law Society Communications Officer – Rachel Frankel

Canadian and American Law Society Finance Officer – Olivia Duffin

Carrot Radio Communications Officer – Iliana Mavrou

Carrot Radio Finance Officer – Victor Ljekocevic

Carrot Radio Station Manager – Adam Hockenhull

Catholic Society Communications Officer – Daisy Kamoso

Catholic Society Finance Officer – Marie-Manuelaa Yogarajaa Viraspillai

Catholic Society President – Emmanuelle Komaclo

Chinese Society Communications Officer – Wen Hao

Chinese Society Finance Officer – Xu Sun

Chinese Society President – Yaxuan Zhang

Christian Union Society Communications Officer – Li-Ying Ng

Christian Union Society Finance Officer – Naomi Lawrence

Christian Union Society President – Jo Oliver

City Check Mate Society President – Victor Ljekocevic

City Insurance & Risk Management Society President – Alexander Hofmann

City Mathematics Society Communications Officer – Anchika Mishra

City Mathematics Society Finance Officer – Lauryn Branch

City Mathematics Society President – Simran Johal

Commercial Awareness Society Communications Officer – No candidates elected

Commercial Awareness Society Finance Officer – Crystal Wong

Commercial Awareness Society President – Sian Chin Yu

Computer and Games Society Communications Officer – Victor Ljekocevic

Computer and Games Society Finance Officer – Katie Metcalfe

Computer and Games Society President – Sarah Adeel

Conservative Society Communications Officer – Joshua Dean-Lawrence

Conservative Society President – Albert Constantin Barbuleasa

Debating Society President – No candidate elected

Drama Society President – Gabriel Kelly

Economics Society Finance Officer – No candidate elected (tie)

Economics Society President – Elliot House

Erasmus Student Network Society Communications Officer – Aleksandra Zolkowska

Erasmus Student Network Society Finance Officer – Mo Hidhir

Erasmus Student Network Society President – Anna Stepankova

Girl Up Society Communications Officer – Daniela Piovesan Tochetto

Girl Up Society Finance Officer – Aneeka Sheikh

Girl Up Society President – Julia Oprzondek

Hellenic-Cypriot Society Communications Officer – Alexandros Savvides

Hellenic-Cypriot Society Finance Officer – Savvas Soteriou

Hellenic-Cypriot Society President – Constantinos Christodoulou

History Society Communications Officer – Maqdus Iqbal

Indian Society Communications Officer – Keshav Sharma

Indian Society Finance Officer – Teena Thakrar

Indian Society President – No candidate elected (tie)

Islamic Society Communications Officer – Sadia Medina

Islamic Society Finance Officer – Nabeel Shah

Islamic Society President – Abubakar Yahya

Israeli Society Communications Officer – Tamar Onnie

Israeli Society Finance Officer – Daniella Kelaty

Israeli Society President – Leah Mutka

Italian Society Communications Officer – No candidate elected (tie)

Italian Society Finance Officer – Filippo Liore

Jewish Society Communications Officer – Sam Kaufman

Jewish Society Finance Officer – Daniel Friedman

Jewish Society President – Daniella Kelaty

Kharis on Campus Society President – Munasha Chitenga

Korean Society Finance Officer – Hee Soo Kim

Krishna Consciousness Society Communications Officer – Shyam Dattani

Krishna Consciousness Society Finance Officer – Aashish Sharma

Krishna Consciousness Society President – Lila-Sara Harbal

Kurdish Society Communications Officer – Ozge Gorur

Kurdish Society Finance Officer – Dilan Bikim

Kurdish Society President – Hoshavan Sadiq

Law Society Communications Officer – Vladyslav Shutko

Law Society Finance Officer – Aminah Ibrahim

Law Society President – Raha Ghadaksaz

Malaysian Society Communications Officer – Yin Theng Wong

Malaysian Society Finance Officer – Nur Qistina Binti Muhd Firdaus

Malaysian Society President – Irfan Annuar

Midwifery Society Communications Officer – Samantha Mix

Midwifery Society Finance Officer – Jill Prodenchuk

Midwifery Society President – Imogen Miles

Motorsport Society Communications Officer – Anais Lecerf

Motorsport Society Finance Officer – Yury Chistov

Motorsport Society President – Adam Uddin

Mountaineering Society Finance Officer – Carmel Hart

Mountaineering Society President – Feroz Khan

Music Society Communications Officer – Tomas Rojas

Music Society President – Aaron Wahab

Optometry Society Communications Officer – Rizwan Ahmed

Optometry Society Finance Officer – Aamena Adam

Optometry Society President – Sharmin Chowdhury

Pakistan Society Communications Officer – Anamta Hussain

Pakistan Society Finance Officer – Ibrahim Nayyar

Palestinian Society Communications Officer – Ruqaiyah Javaid

Palestinian Society Finance Officer – Ali Qureshi

Palestinian Society President – Abdurrahman Tamimi

Photography Society Communications Officer – Karisma Bin Abd Rahman

Photography Society Finance Officer – Maryam Ahmed

Photography Society President – Mahnoor Ahmed

Politics Society President – Alexander Hofmann

Pro Bono Society Communications Officer – Begzat Mirayev

Pro Bono Society Finance Officer – Olivia Duffin

Pro Bono Society President – Raha Ghadaksaz

Programming Society Communications Officer – Reece Mercer

Programming Society Finance Officer – Piotr Rutkowski

Programming Society President – Joshua Boddy

Psychology Society Communications Officer – Aryan Arjoon Singh

Psychology Society Finance Officer – Dean Rowe

Psychology Society President – Oreoluwa Bademosi

Sikh Society Communications Officer – Gaganjit Singh

Sikh Society Finance Officer – Jasveen Chatthe

Sikh Society President – Harjyot Bhamra

Singapore Society President – Re-open Nominations

Society of Actuaries President – Mihir Agarwal

Somali Society Communications Officer – Rahma Abduelle Alasow

Somali Society Finance Officer – Faduma Mumin Cali

Somali Society President – Abdihakim Ali

Speech and Language Therapy Communications Officer – Ammarah Desai

Speech and Language Therapy Society Finance Officer – Sukirtha Balasubramanian

Speech and Language Therapy Society President – Kavitha Luxmyhandan

STAR Society President – Eveliina Salo

Taiwanese Society Communications Officer – Re-open Nominations

Taiwanese Society Finance Officer – Re-open Nominations

Taiwanese Society President – Re-open Nominations

Tamil Society Communications Officer – No candidate elected

Tamil Society Finance Officer – No candidate elected

Tamil Society President – No candidate elected

Trading and Investment Society Communications Officer – Sofia Volossov

Trading and Investment Society President – Samsaam Siddiqui


All positions where no candidate has been elected, or 'Re-open Nominations' won, will be open for by-election along with all other unfilled roles over the coming months. 

The by-election nomnations will open at 11am on Monday 29th April and will close at 5pm on Friday 10th May, Voting will open at 11am on Monday 13th May and close at 5pm on Friday 24th May. 


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