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Statement on Hate crime and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of recent events around the outbreak of Coronavirus, City Students’ Union would like to publicly re-state and re-affirm that we take a zero-tolerance approach to racism, xenophobia and any other form of hate crime or discrimination. The Union and university are proud to support a diverse student body here at City and the prevailing atmosphere of multi-faith, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural respect and mutual acceptance on campus.

In order to allay any concerns and underscore the Union’s position concerning the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (CoViD-19), the Union would like to make clear that at the time of writing, City has no confirmed cases of the virus. The University have produced clear guidance on measures for students and staff to take; please check out City’s guidance here

The Union would also like to make clear that there is no evidence to suggest any relation between CoViD-19 and any particular ethnic, racial, or cultural group, and that the Union will not support any suggestion of such a relationship. The Union will support any students or members of staff who feel affected by derogatory commentary, abusive behaviour, and discriminatory speech and will protect its students and staff from such behaviour.

The Union hopes to promote an attitude of community, collaboration and understanding through this worldwide issue. We acknowledge that this issue is not exclusive to one specific community, and that, as the disease affects our entire community, it is as a community that we will work together to face it.

If you experience any form of hate speech or discrimination, please get in contact with one of the university’s harassment advisers. If your school doesn’t have a dedicated adviser, then please contact one of the others; they are here for all students unconditionally.

The Union would like once again to reiterate its commitment to acting as a support network to all its students and encourages students to get in touch if they have any concerns.


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