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Our last Student Council Meeting


Our LAST Student Council Meeting is happening on Wednesday 16th of March from 4-6pm. It will not only be the last Student Council of the year, but it will also be the LAST Student Council at City, since we have just changed our democratic structure. That means that this is your very last chance to experience what a Student Council is like!


Come along, discuss motions, make sure that your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers are doing what they are supposed to be doing and participate in a Sustainability Focus Group. To celebrate the last council meeting and encourage a nice discussion on sustainability, pizza will be provided!


Motions submitted this year include:

  • Cafes on campus to offer Healthy Options/ Vegan & Halal options
  • Providing premium access to Mental Health Apps like Calm/Headspace for students


Holding your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers accountable


Although only the Student Council members have the power to vote and make policy in the Student Council Meeting, everyone will be able to participate in debate and ask the Part-Time and Full-Time Officers questions. Come along to ask your officers what they have been up to, what projects and campaigns they have been managing, and make sure that they are always prioritising the needs of the students they represent. It is crucial to hold your Part-Time and Full-Time Officers accountable and question them about their actions and decisions. Why? Because it ensures that we’re protecting the needs and wants of all members of our Union and not only those in a position of power.


Participate in a Sustainability Focus Group


Your Students’ Union wants to understand what sustainability means to you and how important you feel it is. So, we’re conducting some research to help the Union and the University understand what students would like to see from City in terms of sustainable food, events, volunteering opportunities and more on campus.


Come along, share your views and be part of the change!


We will see you there!