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Term One Done

A selection of freebies from our Love Students' Union day project

Q: What did the snowman say to the other?

A: Does it smell like carrots? 

What better way to start our end of term round up than with a terrible Christmas carrot-themed joke, also just in case you forgot that our mascot is a carrot.

That’s it, term one is done and the winter holidays are here – time for a well earnt break! We have had a really busy term since starting our roles to represent you on the 1st July and now it’s time to let you know what we’ve been up to.

Things we are Proud of this Term

Here at City SU we love to shout about things we have achieved both with you and for you, here are a few things we are proud of that you should know about:

  • We installed two free-to-use mobile phone charging stations, one in the Tait Building and one in Bunhill Row
  • We ran a programme of six thought provoking events for Islamophobia Awareness month, getting you talking about your experiences whilst working with the University to address hate crime reporting
  • We successfully lobbied and put recommendations in place for the University to improve the way Sexual Harassment, Assault and Violence is reported on and off campus
  • We launched a full scale review of the way we work with Programme Representatives across City, designed to make your feedback matter even more
  • We ran a day of action for the national Love Students’ Unions day, listening to your stories about why we matter to you
  • We’ve been out listening to students all term as part of our ‘Union on Tour’ project and have gathered ideas about things we might get up to next term.
  • We launched a chain of career events with your Liberation Officers called City Succeeds, which aim to help and support students to plan a route for their career goal
  • We reignited and are preparing to launch our Student Media, with a fully functioning Radio studio in the Tait Building and more!









What’s next?

As well as having fun in our day to day roles there are always 101 things that we are excited for, so to keep it short here are each of our top three things to keep an eye out for next term…

Kristina, your SU President

  1. I will be working hard to support student’s during the exams season, firstly by organising a variety of activities for Study Well and secondly by lobbying for a more transparent and supportive examination process.
  2. With your Part Time Officers I will be developing active communities at City, with particular focus on Postgraduate and International Students.
  3. I will be continuing to develop the transparency and visibility of City Students’ Union by working with your Vice-President’s to continue our ‘Union on Tour’ project.

Nazia, your VP Activities & Development

  1. I will be launching our new Student Media channels towards the end of January, this will see your Union introduce both Carrot Magazine and Carrot Radio! To join, or find out more see here.
  2. As a result of your feedback I’ve been working with your elected Societies Board and members to amend our Societies Funding Criteria so that Groups can apply for money to cater events on campus.
  3. I will be launching a mental health campaign which will aim to reduce discrimination and stigma, this will include improving sign posting with University departments, running initiatives to gain your feedback on University Mental Health Day and more. Its okay not to be okay.

Tuna, your VP Education

  1. I will be running a campaign to lobby the University to expand the use of lecture capture. I aim to pull together a report to evidence the student demand and the reasons behind it. Watch out for surveys and updates on lecture capture in Term 2.
  2. I will be running City’s first S.H.A.G Week from 11th – 15th February, FYI it stands for Sexual Health and Guidance Week. Expect lots of free goodies and interesting talks.
  3. I will be working closely with Reps to collect feedback and to improve the Programme Representative scheme – watch out for surveys. And I hope to see all reps in our Rep Reception on January 31st.

See you all soon!

Kristina, Nazia & Tuna x 

Your Student Officers giving out freebies


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