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Trustee - Update

Thank You Edward

The Union would like to express its thanks and gratitude to Edward Pearson, outgoing lay trustee, who will be departing from his role with City Students’ Union’s Board of Trustees. Edward has given his tireless, rich, and inexhaustible efforts, expertise, and advice to the Union for many years and acted as a friend to the student body and its representatives in times both fair and foul. His contributions, wit, humour, and ever good-natured but incisive commentary on the Union’s work and growth will be sorely missed and we wish him well in all his endeavours in the future.

Welcome, Ghayathri and Rumnique

The Union would like to welcome two brand-new recruits to its Board of Trustees: Ghayathri Sivakumar, Student Trustee, and Rumnique Gill, Lay Trustee. Both candidates went through a rigorous recruitment process and performed outstandingly, leaving the Union in no doubt as to the exceptional qualities of these two new trustees.

Ghayathri comes to the Union with a heartfelt desire to contribute to the community and return the care and opportunities for growth she feels she has benefited from during her time as a student.

Rumnique brings a desire to promote the authentic sound of the student voice at all levels of University management and holds the highest regard for the work of students’ unions and their commitment to transforming universities and higher education practices.

Together, these two trustees represent expertise in Unions, well-polished business acumen, a deep sympathy for and investment in the student communities at City, and affinities for the local area that will furnish the Board with great new capacities to work for the good of the Union and its student members. We look forward to reporting more on the excellent work we expect from them.



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Wed 21 Apr 2021

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Mon 19 Apr 2021
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