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We have ensured the University’s Exam Timetable has been released on time!

Today sees the release of the University’s Exam Timetable for January 2018. This has been released on time and as planned by the University.

Whilst a student at City, I noticed that there were delays in the release in examination timetables over a number of years. This affected a lot of students welfare, as their levels of stress and anxiety were increased with each delay, and their ability to revise for the exams, each delay meant less and less time available. When I was elected as Vice-President Education I made it a priority to work with and lobby the University to commit to releasing the timetables as promised.

Over the summer months and the beginning of term, I worked alongside other Executive Officers, such as Minni Agyeban (City Law School SRO) to open a dialogue with the Exams Office to communicate the feedback we receive from many students. We received confirmation a few weeks ago that the timetable would be released on time and we are super happy that it has been.

Thank you to the Exams Office and staff involved in delivering the timetable on time.

This is a very important achievement as I believe the release of the exam timetable can have huge benefits for students and has a high academic impact!

Happy Revision folks and keep your eyes out for our Study Well Campaign! 

You can check out the timetable, and contact the Exams Office, here:

Malek Arab,

Vice President Education



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