What I Discovered By Voting In The Elections

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18 months ago, I started to get involved in what many City students think “what is that?” City Students’ Union. Our Union is a membership-led organisation that exists to represent all City, University of London students. Yes, every single one of you.

I became involved in this place through taking up the Law Society’s Finance Officer Position, and went on to become the Society President in 2015/16. These roles provided many opportunities for me to develop my leadership, communications, team-working and time-management skills to list a few. I went on to produce an academic student-led journal in partnership with The City Law School, organise and host an end of year Law Ball in a 5* venue and also offer many social & professional opportunities to students. In simpler terms, some pretty cool things that I got a lot of credit for.

I then went on to run in elections for Vice-President Education and was successfully elected. My campaign taught me many things, but most important, it taught me how to engage with students and how students can shape their Union. Students should be at the forefront of every single decision made at City. The problem is students aren’t always put at the forefront and this is why it is so important to elect the candidates you think will fight for change.

Yes, many of you have issues with your courses and Schools, with the opportunities offered to you at City and most importantly, with the brilliant solutions you have to mind to make this University the best place to study and experience. Unfortunately it isn’t that easy, and that is why we, the Students’ Union, exist.

Yes, many of you think nothing will change or you are being told things that are impossible. You’re wrong. Things will change if you unite, get involved and lead your Union. You are all the leaders because you have the opportunity to work with the Union’s Officers to make the change you want to see.

The Union is here to represent your views, lobby for your benefit and stand up for what is right for you. This year there are more candidates running in our leadership elections than has been for many years, and it is so important that you participate and vote.


I urge you to vote (it honestly won’t take you long either): www.citystudents.co.uk/elections/vote/88/

Best Wishes,

Zain Ismail

Vice-President Education