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When the going gets tough, your SU gets tougher!

As well as your current plans, Coronavirus has called a halt to all remaining face-to- face classes at City. As a result, City Students' Union has taken the decison to work remotely. But this doesn't mean we stop working. Oh no. We are still available for you so we can continue the great progress we have been making. We just have to change our ways of doing things. 

Working at home sounds great at first but then you may start to lose your routine a bit. You may not eat properly, move about so much and you may binge watch too may Netflix series. Sound familiar? Check out below how the staff at City Students' Union are keeping themselves healthy during isolation! 

Tuna Kunt, President - Tip #1 Get some indoor plants.

Plants not only look and smell lovely but they oxygenate the air too which means a cleaner and less stuffy room for you. 


Sophie Harrison, Activities and Development Manager - Tip #2 Get that fresh air and stretch your legs. 

Pick a location that won't have many people and go for a lovely stroll to clear your head and stretch your legs. Try one of London's many parks or try walking along the Thames path for some fresh air. Also, remember to keep exercising. Working from home you can sometimes forget to do this. If you don't want to go outside try working out inside, demonstrated by Sophie below who is in her living room.


Gabriel Chin, Governance Coordinator - Tip #3 Read more. 

Gabriel has very kindly taken a picture of one third(!) of his reading list during his time at home. Gabriel is an avid reader so don't feel pressured to take on this much, but 10 - 20 pages a day is a great start. Try reading before bed to give your eyes a much needed rest from your phone and computer screens. This is a great opportunity to do some things you have always wanted to do.


Mark Riley, Societies Coordinator - Tip #4 Drink lots of tea. 

Drinking tea is a great way to start the day, to soothe any aniexty and depending on what tea you drink, it's great for detoxing too. Tea is the answer to pretty much anything. But this tip also has a wider meaning of staying properly hydrated. Keep taking on as many fluids as you can across the day. Try to avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, and stick the good ol' classics of water and tea. 


Magaret O'Donnell, Head of Finance - Tip #5 Eat properly. 

AVOID MEAL DEALS. Yes they are amazing and yes they are cheap but they are not a long term solution. Eating proper food is so essential to keeping healthy and to keeping your mood high. Even eating at the table and from a plate will massively improve your mindset. Check out this delicious meal our Head of Finance rustled up. Not just good with numbers. This is another fantastic opportunity to learn how to cook! 


Vlera Hoti, Customer Services Assistant - Tip #6 Take up a hobby. 

Vlera is on the frontline for the Students' Union. She's out there on reception dealing with all student enquiries. In her spare time, Vlera loves to paint and draw. It not only keeps her productive but it also helps take her mind off of what is going on. There are so many things you could start doing, so have some fun and enjoy exploring your interests. 


Philip Gilks, CEO- Tip #7 Get some natural light. 

When it’s a busy day and you struggle to get away from your desk, it really helps to get plenty of natural light to keep your energy up.  Phil has to start his day with a cup of coffee too, if not, he is "more grumpy than normal" - (his words not mine!).


City Students' Union is here for you. We are here to listen to your needs, wants and concerns. There are some things that aren't in your control but there are many things that are. We urge you to look after yourselves as best you can and to take note of the tips above. We are all in this together. For more information please click here. 




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