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10 Reasons to apply for the best jobs at City!

The Spring Elections 2021 are here and there are various positions that you can run for from paid role (£23k+ per annum) such as President of the Students’ Union to voluntary positions such as Liberation Officer.


There are lots of reasons you should stand in the elections, here are 10 of our favourite reasons:


1. It will be the next step in your career! If you nominate yourself for one of the full-time paid roles (£23k+ per annum!) you avoid the pressure of looking for a job once you graduate! Plus there is lots of training and support so you will develop great skills in the role too!


2. Public speaking is a vital skill needed in the future workplace – worry not, we provide public speaking training and support you so you feel as comfortable as possible.


3. You can network with a wide range of people through all the roles, including students, academics and University leaders, you can make connections whilst having an impact.


4. You can add some incredible experiences to your CV including leading projects, working with stakeholders, running campaigns and more… these roles will be an incredible boost to your career.


5. If you are studying Law, this role will enable you to advocate for students and master the art of debate which will be very helpful in your future job.


6. If you are a Business student, the full-time roles will help you network, gain the skills such as chairing a meeting, understanding how to lead a team and how to navigate decision making structures. You can tick that Project management skills on LinkedIn!


7. If you are a Health Student, we provide you with disability training, mental health training, First Aid training, motivational training and any other training that you feel might support you in this role and in the future.


8. If you are passionate about sustainability, you can lead on campaigns for the benefit of the University and the wider world. You could lead a campaign tackling food waste, single use plastic or something totally different! Knowledge of sustainability and how to run a campaign will continue to be an important skill.



9. As a Politics student, your career would benefit from being involved in a democratic process, listening to students’ issues, campaigning and managing a campaign, accountability sessions.


 10. … and finally, gain skills such as Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Managing People, Policy Making.


If you have any questions or would like to ask us about more reasons why you should put yourself forwards Book a Call with us now: Elections (



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