Autumn By-Election 2018: The Results

The results from the Autumn By-Election have now been counted and verified. All results displayed on this page are in order of election. 

The following students have been elected to represent you:



Student Councillor (Law)

Pitt, Jorja

Student Councillor (MCSE)

Tamimi, Abdurrahman

Student Councillor (SASS)


Matoshi, Dren

Riaz, Saqlain

Student Councillor (SHS)


Ahmed, Siddeeqah

Siddequi, Sadia

Full details about all of the above roles can be found on our Elections page.

For a full breakdown of the election count please see the final signed off Count Sheet from the Deputy Returning Officer. The count sheet for the Law Councillor election can be found here.

If you have any questions about these elections please contact Hannah Roberts, Deputy Returning Officer on