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The nomination period for the Leadership Elections 2020 is now open and will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 16th February 2020. To nominate yourself for a position, please complete a nomination form and email it to SUelections@city.ac.uk or alternatively hand it in at the SU reception*, Tait building.

* For the reception’s most up-to-date opening times, please email studentsunion@city.ac.uk

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The face of the Students' Union. They sit on University Council and Senate ensuring the student voice is heard at the very top of the University. They lead the Students' Union to deliver for every single student at City.

Job Description

Vice-President Community and Wellbeing

They lead on the work the Union does with the University and external community. This role also organises our activities to do with Wellbeing, like our annual Study Well campaign

Job Description

Vice-President Education

They work closely with the University to ensure that all courses have student representation and issues are dealt with effectively. They also campaign for better resources for your studies.

Job Description




In this election, the City, University of London student population will elect 20 positions, all of which will form part of our student Executive Officer Team. The positions include:
- 3 Full Time Officers (Paid)

  • President
  • Vice-President Community and Wellbeing
  • Vice-President Education

  • Part Time Officers (Voluntary).

  • School Representative Officer ( One per School)
  • Postgraduate Officer (two roles)
  • Liberation Officer ( One per School)
  • Special Interest Officer (five roles)

  • You can run for one of the of Officer roles no matter what year of study you are in. Please note, the role does have a lot more time commitments when campaigning during the election. Stand now, run in March, and you’ll take office in July 2020.

    School Representative Officer

    Academic Interest Officers represent the five Schools and Postgraduates at City. They work with colleagues to ensure that the student voice is effectively represented at the highest levels and feedback is acted upon.

    Job Description

    Liberation Officer

    Liberation Officers represent the under-represented students in our community, running campaigns, events and activities to bring students together and ensure they are treated fairly.

    Job Description

    Special Interest Officer

    Special Interest Officers help to organise and deliver activities for all students and ensure that City is an exciting and developing place to study.

    Job Description

    Postgraduate Officer

    To act as the recognised spokesperson for postgraduate students, providing feedback on various aspects of the University and the student experience both to the University and to the student body.

    Job Description







    Reason 1

    You’ll get to create real change on campus and enhance the student experience.

    Reason 2

    Running an election campaign gives you a platform to share your great ideas with the whole student body

    Reason 3

    You’ll get to develop your leadership skills and become more employable.

    Reason 4

    If you’re running to be a full-time officer, you’ll get a starting salary of over £23,000 – not bad for your first job out of uni!.

    Reason 5

    You’ll get to put on cool events for students from across the University..

    Reason 6

    It’s fun.








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