What's Next?

The nomination period for the Leadership Elections 2020 is now over and your candidates have been announced.


Voting begins 11am on Monday 16 March 2020 and ends 4pm on Monday 19 March 2020.

Your Election Candidates


Notice is hereby given that City Students’ Union will hold an election from 9:00am on Monday 16 March until 4:00pm on Thursday 19 March 2020.

All currently enrolled City, University of London students are eligible to vote.

All candidate's manifestos, photos and other information will be published on this page after Monday 2 March

The candidates standing in this election are:

Full-Time Officer Positions



Kanwal Akhter

Raha Ghadaksaz

Risbah Jadhav

Caroline Kelly

Dalma Komjati

Mauro Oliveira

Saqlain Riaz

Bryce Robertson

Rania Salim

Vice President Community and Wellbeing 

Muhammad Abdullah

Mohamed Ali Omar

Shaima Dallali

Henna Hirani

Alexis Lim

Anne Onwusiri

Latifa  Rahman

Vice President Education

Amelia Durkin

Tajhana Hylton

Ruqaiyah Javaid

Zabia Sadiqi

Natasha Treohan


Part-Time Executive Positions


Law School Representative Officer 

Anas Ahmadzai

Tyler Austin

Amanda Banziger

Ahmed Ibrahem

Christina Michaelidou

Thomas Shepherd

Gawtam Tharmakumaran

Daud Yusuf

Joshua Clayfield

SASS School Representative Officer

Fatima Aminu


Isabella Boyadjian

Alina   Coman

Tevo   Kearney-James

Suloj   Krishnanathan

Martha Libri

Anna Stepankova

SHS School Representative Officer

Rim Bettache

Joshua Duprey

Marium Sadiq

Sacha Johnson

Eugene Obrou

Cass School Representative Officer 

Danya Aamir

Vivian Brooke

Jodie Ellison

Lallit Gurusamy Balamurugan

La Hoang Thai

Shiting Huang

Saad  Imitiaz

Ioana Ioanas

Armaan Singh Dhir

Martin Stepanek

SMCSE School Representative Officer

Abduqadir Ali

Aaron Carey

Tami Fadahunsi

Yousef Farfour

Arshia Keshvari Asl

Noel Quadri

Chandra Rodrigues

Adarsh Shah

Postgraduate Research Representative 

Soheil Ahmadi

Postgraduate Taught Representative 

Karim Fawaz

Women’s Officer

Kayleigh Armstrong

Nehad Lamrani

Eva M Patel

Enaya Syed

Lyba   Zahid

 Black and Ethnic Minority Officer

Anika Anisur

Sumeya Dimbil

Tami-Ann Gibbs

Chau Le

Tony Mangungu

Nafiso Mohamed

Tafara Mugumbate

Oluwaseyi Sholola

Rebecca Tonge


  International Students’ Officer






Daisy Cave

Ameer Hamza Malik

Prachi Jhaveri

Ayesha Shakeel

  LGBT + Officer


Bianca BeeKhuizen

Luna Lee

Paulina Samasova

Disabled Students’ Officer

Ellie Foulger

Gemma Porter Vinsen


  Ethics and Environmental Officer

Shad Islam

Tharmini Kuganenthiran

Anaelle Pardini

Louis Sugunasabesan

Zaynab Tariq


  Sports Officer

Mohamed Chelaulau

James Zhang


 RAG Officer 

Berke Boran

Leilte Assefa

Dea-Dessislava Porriazova


 Societies Officer 

Saleh Ahmed

Syama Bibi

Najm Kassam

Emmanuelle Komaclo


 Media Officer

Allegra Brondi

Ayana Zamanbekkyzy


Polling Stations

There will be polling stations located on City, University of London campuses at various points throughout the voting period.

The locations of these will be advertised via social media.


Voting for elections opens online on 9am on Monday 16th March until 4pm on Thursday 19th March 2020. There will be SU Elections staff with roving ballot stations at various points around campus during the week, please look out for them in their green hoodies. Alternatively you can log onto our website at any time and vote at www.citystudents.co.uk/elections

Candidate Debate

The Candidate Question Time will be held on Monday 16th March at 5:30pm in B200, University Building, and Northampton Square.

Results of Election

The election shall be counted and announced online following the close of the elections and completion of any outstanding appeals and disciplinary actions.

Returning Officer

The National Union of Students return the elections of City University London Students’ Union. The NUS Returning Officer for this Election is Peter Robertson. The Deputy Returning Officer is Hannah Roberts, SU Head of Membership Development at City Students’ Union.

To contact the Returning or Deputy Returning Officer, please email SUelections@city.ac.uk


Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their campaigner, full details of grounds for complaints can be found in Section 14 of the Elections Bye-Laws. To submit a complaint please email the Deputy Returning Officer on suelections@city.ac.uk

For further details about these elections please review our Elections Regulations.