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City Students’ Union and City, University of London condemns all forms of discrimination

City Students’ Union and City, University of London has a rich history of celebrating and championing diversity across City and this is core to our joint values as organisations. We also make every effort to raise awareness of the issues that affect our diverse and multicultural communities. Every February, the Students’ Union and City work with our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ+) student and staff communities during LGBTQ+ History Month to run activities and events for both staff and students to take part in. Most recently, the Students’ Union put a range of pride flags up around campus and in the Students’ Union Common Room to showcase the month.

On Friday 11 February 2022, we are upset to report that the flags had not only been taken down but have been ripped up and left scattered across the Students’ Union Common Room.  We view this as a deliberate act against our LGBTQ+ community.  This behaviour is unacceptable and against all staff and student code of conducts.

The Students’ Union and City, under no circumstances, accepts discrimination or acts of hate and strongly believes that all students and staff have the right to come to City and know that they can belong and be their full selves. We encourage anyone who has information about who carried out this act to come forward and notify the Students’ Union or City, via 'You Report. We Support.' for confidential and anonymous reporting.

We do not want the hateful action of some people to undermine the great work of our LGBTQ+ staff and students in celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month and we encourage everyone to take an active in role in speaking out if they ever see signs of discrimination targeted at a specific individual or at a community. You can report these behaviours via the Students’ Union independent and confidential Advice Service or via City, University of London.  We will take all reports seriously. 


On behalf of City, University of London Students’ Union

Shaima Dallali                                                 Philip Gilks
Students’ Union President                           Chief Executive


On behalf of City, University of London

Professor Sir Anthony Finkelstein                  Dr Jessica Jones Nielsen
City President                                               Assistant Vice President (EDI)