Student Voice

Your Students’ Union is here to empower you to make a change and improve the experience of students at City, University of London.

You can make a change in a number of ways:

  • You can run in an election, lead your Students’ Union and represent City students to the University and beyond; even if you don’t want to run, you should vote
  • You can take advantage of the opportunities that the Students’ Union provides to get involved with Societies,  get involved in our media teams, Raising and Giving efforts or Green Projects
  • You can become a Programme Representative. Programme Reps make sure that the student voice is heard on each course across the University – and are key to making sure that the University is constantly listening and responding to student feedback. The Students’ Union trains and supports over 600 Programme Reps across the Institution to make the student voice heard.
  • You can highlight excellent things about the support you receive at City – and let the University know what you appreciate - through the Learning Enhancement Awards! These are student nominated awards for staff, whether Academic or professional support staff, who have provided excellent support to students and enhanced their learning experience
  • You can campaign for positive change. Anyone can take part in or lead a campaign – whether that is a group of students, a society or the Students’ Union as a whole.
  • Student Feedback is central to what your Students’ Union does – enabling your voice to be heard clearly and support positive change within the University. This is why we support the National Students Survey (NSS) at City, internal ‘Your Voice’ surveys and other surveys of student satisfaction such as the Postgraduate Taught and Research surveys.