City Students’ Union 2024 Elections: The Results!

The elections have drawn to a close and your new officers have been revealed. This year we saw excellent candidate campaigns and priorites and incredible student engagement exemplified by a record 3899 students voting. The second year running we have had a record number of students voting.

We would like to thank all of the AMAZING students who ran, voted and helped us out with our the 2024 Elections. 

This year’s elections had some extremely inspiring and creative candidates and we are glad so many of you got involved and voted. 

Congratulations to those elected. Our new officers will take office and represent you for a year from July 2024.

To those who weren’t elected this time - every single one of you did a campaign to be proud of and we’re sure you’ll agree that the experience you’ve gained is priceless and will stay with you forever. There are plenty of other ways to get involved with City Students' Union so stay in touch! 


Students’ Union Officers (start 1 July 2024) 
Full Results  (PDF)


Ayla Hamzayeva  

Deputy President 

Nasir Mohammed 

Deputy President  

Emine Kyosey 

Deputy President  

Ashton Shepherd 

Assembly Members (start 1 July 2024) 

Bayes Business School 
Full Results

Bhavika Agarwal 

Shiraz Sidhu 

Zeeshan Nauman Raees 

William Tagg 

Chirag Gupta 

City Law School 
Full Results

Ammar Laghari 

Hifsa Khan 

Sudenaz Top 

Karlee Hutchins 

Olly Drye 

School of Communication and Creativity 
Full Results

Jack Croft 

Amandeep Chandan  

Annavi Sachdev 

Uliana Gnipova 

School of Health and Psychological Sciences 
Full Results

Hannah Curtis 

Asma Akter 

Rajiv Dhanasar 

Ifeyinwa Odukwe 

Franklin Oparaji 

School of Policy and Global Affairs 
Full Results 

Liza Ahemd  

Yacine Sedour 

Leo Salem  

Safia Mohiuddin  

School of Science and Technology 
Full Results

Alan Clark Gutierrez 

Rayann El Kachtoul 

Pip Foster 

Junaid Katon 

Bansari Sanghvi 

Roinee Banerjee 

NUS Delegates (start with immediate effect) 
Full Results

NUS Delegate 

Sudenaz Top 

NUS Delegate 

Emine Kyosey 

NUS Delegate 

Fortune Sampson  

NUS Delegate 

Jackson He 

NUS Delegate 

Omobolanle Adekanmbi 

NUS Delegate 

Alan Clark Gutierrez 


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