SU Cost of Living Hub Launch Event

On October 10, 2023, the Pavilion came alive as the Student Union, in collaboration with the University, unveiled the brand new "Cost of Living Hub." This event served as an informative and engaging showcase, highlighting the many ways in which City is dedicated to supporting students in managing their cost of living while pursuing their academic dreams.

Various stalls were set up, each representing a different aspect of student life and the resources available to alleviate financial pressures. This included:

Support for Wellbeing: The Student Health & Wellbeing Team was on hand to offer guidance on improving your physical and mental health. They provided information about free services available to students, ensuring that your wellbeing remains a top priority.

Employment Opportunities: Unitemps, the University's in-house temporary staffing agency, spoke to students about all of the part-time job opportunities that are currently available. This is a great way of gaining money and also valuable transferable skills during your time at uni

Library Resources: The City Library stall showcased the extensive resources available to students, such as free access to textbooks, research materials, and study spaces.

Sports and Recreation: City Sport and City Active introduced students to fitness and recreational activities, offering affordable and free options for staying fit and active while managing their budgets.

Financial Aid and Guidance: The City Funding Team provided students with information on Hardship Funds, bursaries, and financial assistance available to support their education. Also guidance on using Blackbullion the free financial online support platform where students can develop their money skills.

Sustainable Transportation: Students’ Union Deputy President Yavuz had a stall for Buzz Bikes, presenting affordable and eco-friendly transportation options. This is a great option for not only reducing commuting costs but also having a greener impact on the planet.

Union Advice and Freebies: Union Advice who deliver budgeting advice and a short-term loan scheme held a "guess the shopping" game, where students had to guess the price of a weekly shop and the winner takes it all home! There was also a spin-the-wheel game offering valuable insights into cost-effective shopping. There was also a "piggy bank" where students could write down what cost of living support they would like to see in the future.

Affordable Dining Options: Graysons, the University's catering service, offered free cost-effective meal samples and recipe cards, proving that delicious and nutritious meals don't have to break the bank.

The launch event at the Pavilion was a resounding success, with students interacting with each stall, learning about the support available to them, and walking away with valuable information and resources to help manage their cost of living.

There will be more Cost of Living Hub events throughout this academic year to provide students with ongoing access to information, advice, and support. We want to ensure that students can comfortably balance their academic commitments with the cost of living in London.

We’re seeing more and more students face new financial challenges, and we hope that this is a step forward in supporting you better. The Cost of Living Hub is more than a showcase; it's a commitment to the wellbeing and success of City students. With these initiatives, students can focus on their education, knowing that they have a strong support system in place to help them thrive.

Stay tuned for more Cost of Living Hub events and resources throughout the year, and be sure to check out City’s online Cost of Living Hub found here.


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