Struggling to log in to the Union Website?

Fear not… we can help...

If you’re struggling to log in to your student account and getting messages such as 'account not matched', this means we’ve not received your data into our systems. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal, it just takes some time for the data pigeons to bring your data to our systems. 

How to fix it? 

In the meantime, to access the Students’ Union Website to purchase tickets you can sign up for a Freshers’ Account here.

Once you have registered you can log into this guest account here, make sure you click: “CLICK HERE TO LOG IN IF YOU ARE GUEST ACCOUNTS, SU STAFF, CITY STAFF & ALUMNI”. 

Once you are logged in you should be able to buy tickets in the meantime, until your student account works on our systems. Please make sure you start using your student account as soon as it lets you in, we will then automatically merge your accounts. 

If you are still having problems, please email




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