Become more employable by standing in the elections!

As you may know, elections are well and truly here! Did you know there are many employability perks of standing in the elections, not only do you get paid (£28K for an Officer), but you also have the chance to become a leader. The exposure to actively listening to your peers and making a campus to suit everyone, will provide you with invaluable employability skills.

  • Leadership – Whether you are applying for the Students’ Union Officer position, or want to become an Assembly member, or a NUS delegate, you will be developing your leadership skills in daily situations. Employers seek candidates who can lead effectively, and by having the experience during an election campaign, it provides you with a unique opportunity to refine this essential skill.


  • Communication – Running a campaign will help you develop your public speaking, negotiation, and interpersonal communication skills. Being able to articulate your ideas with clarity and conviction will make employers value you, as you are able to covey complex ideas in a relatable manner – a skill that will set you part in the job market.


  • Problem Solving – Being part of the student journey, you are aware of how dynamic everyday can be, especially diving deep into unexpected challenges and needing to find a solution. Running in the elections, you will enhance your decision making when navigating complex situations.


  • Networking – Think about the endless number of individuals you will build relationships with over your campaign period, you will be speaking to students, academics, senior members of staff, and external stakeholders. You will be creating a network of supporters, which in turn can help you for future job opportunities, you never know when your contact could prove to be helpful!


  • Initiative and Proactivity – By advocating your priorities and why it is important for students, you will be showcasing you are an advocate for positive change, and are actively seeking to develop processes, systems, and policies. You will ultimately be seen as a proactive contributor, a great skill that future employers want.


You would also have the opportunity to participate in many skill training opportunities, such as:

- Public Speaking

- Disability Training

- Mental Health Training

- First Aid Training

- Sustainability Workshop

- Unconscious Bias Training

- Active Bystander Training

 Or anything else you require to help you with your campaigns!

You will not just be standing in the Students' Union election to win a full-time position of Student Officer, Assembly Member, or NUS Delegate —it can actually be a strategic move to enhance your employability. The skills you will acquire, are the building blocks for your professional growth. Nominate yourself now via our website, nominations close 15th February – what are you waiting for?


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